The Elita Hotel

The Elita Hotel is the Crown Jewel of the Gzella Collection. Opened since July 2016, this property has a style and feel that is one of a kind. Designed by Blanche Garcia of “Hotel Impossible,” the guest rooms are sleek and sophisticated, while offering state of the art refrigerators and multifunctional spaces that fit every guest’s needs.

The second Gzella Collection Property to open, Elita is the quintessential boutique hotel, located steps from Fort Lauderdale’s amazing beaches. Offering a tropical poolside experience, breathtaking living room for guests to enjoy and only the highest quality amenities, Elita is perfect for even the most discerning of guests. What truly sets the Gzella Collection apart from a lot of the larger properties is our ability to create truly personalized experiences for every guest. Our Team Members take guest satisfaction personally, and with a company culture that cherishes hospitality and a product that is newly renovated and one of a kind, The Elita is everything travelers are looking for. Elita offers only the highest quality finishes while maintaining its retro architecture and a service culture that sets us apart from the rest! 

3030 Bayshore Drive, Ft Lauderdale FL 33304

(954) 467-0568

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